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Invitation to 2015 LED Display Summit Forum
Invitation to 2015 China LED Display Application Industry Summit Forum
Dear customers,
China’s first LED exhibition in 2015—“International LED Exhibition, Guangzhou 2015” will be held from March 1-4 in Guangzhou. The “2015 China LED Display Application Industry Summit Forum”will be held currently with the exhibition.

The “2015 China LED Display Application Industry Summit Forum”comes in response to the explosive growth of global LED display application market, as well as the integration in China’s LED industry. The summit forum aims to establish an international platform for technology exchange, development research, market forecast, strategy cooperation which can converge the world’s authoritative LED professionals & experts to discuss the industrial development trends ,the latest business model and share the latest technical achievements, so as to promote exchange of the global LED display know-how and facilitate development of LED display industry worldwide.
Hosted by
Canton Fair Advertising Co.,Ltd.
China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition General Corp.
Unilumin Group Co.Ltd.
Our sales team will be available there and our president will be present and deliver a keynote speech there.
Forum Time
March 2,2015(9:40-12:00 A.M.; 14:00-17:00P.M.)

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